10 Tips to Select Right Curtains Color Combinations


Some people ignore their windows while decorating their rooms and do not think much while choosing curtain color combination. Right combination of color can dramatically improve the looks of any room. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to select the right color combination because curtains are available in huge variety of colors and prints. You can choose the best curtain color combination if you keep these points in mind.

  1. Size of Room Matters

Size of room is very crucial while choosing colors of curtain. Simple curtains with light weight fabrics and bright colors can make your room look relatively large and bright.

  1. Coordinate With Wall Color

Colors of curtain should be according to the color of walls. You can either select the same color as that of wall or you can go for other shades of same color.

  1. Lighting in Room

If the room is dark then bright colors with the slightly transparent fabrics are best. Otherwise room will look darker even during day time.

  1. Size of Window/Door

If the window is small then you can choose the curtain with lots of colors, it will make window more visible and small size will not make it look bad.

  1. Texture of Furniture

Furniture and curtain make the real theme of any rooms so try to use a same color theme.

  1. Blend With Décor

Decorative products like lamps, side tables, pictures and other items should go with the curtain color combination.

  1. Choose Monochromatic Colors

While choosing multicolor curtain try to select colors of same class because they give more stylish and stable looks to the room.

  1. Select Complementary Colors

Combination of complimentary colors like black and white gives the sense of completion to the room and looks extremely classic.

  1. Keep the Combination Neutral

If the color of your room’s wall, furniture and décor is dark then choose light colors to keep the atmosphere neutral.

  1. Express Your Personality

Last but not least, choose those colors which represent your personality. It will keep you in happy mood and you will feel much more relax.

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