Guide to Measure Blinds For Bay Windows

Basic purpose of window is the ventilation, so that fresh air and sunlight can enter the room. But to control the amount of air, light and heat entering from window we use blinds and curtain. They also make windows and whole room look beautiful. It is very important that you hang proper sized blinds and curtains on windows otherwise they will ruin the whole look of the room and in some cases it will be difficult to use them.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are special protruding windows. It usually has flat front and two angled sides with popular inside angle of 90, 135 and 150 degrees. Some bay windows also have inside angle of 120 degrees.

Measuring Blinds for Windows

Since the bay window has two angled side that is why it is little tricky to measure the proper size of blinds for windows. First of all you have to measure the inside angle of window so that you can keep the reasonable distance between blinds for front and sides.

Blind for Front

Measure the whole length and width of front side. Note down the length as it is but in case of width shorten it to few centimeters on both sides. The purpose to shorten the width is that; it will prevent blinds for front and sides to overlap.

Blinds for Sides

Measurement of blinds for sides is same as that for front. Keep the width of both sides little short to prevent overlapping.

Blinds and Curtains Singapore

Singapore is extremely potential market for ornamental and home decoration products; blinds for windows are among these products. Blinds and curtains Singapore are available in huge variety of size, color and design. Lots of blinds and curtains Singapore companies are also exporting these attractive products to large numbers of countries.

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