How to Choose the Best Blind for Bathroom

There was a time when curtain and blinds was used to hang only in living rooms. But with the arrival of concept of luxury homes with wide and expensive bathrooms, blends and curtains for bathrooms are also getting popular. More blind designs are coming into the market every now and then  and some of them are specially designed for luxury bathroom in big hotels and villas.

Best Blind Designs for Bathrooms

It is quite a task to select the best blind for bathrooms which can provide complete privacy and easy to operate. Not all the blinds can block the complete view from outside so before installing any blind test it from all angles.

Wooden Blinds

Since there is lot of use of water in bathroom and some factors like humidity and touching with wet hands can ruin the wood of blinds. So it is better to avoid them. However if the window is away from shower and wash basin then you can use it but make sure to use a plastic rod or rope for opening and closing of blind.

 Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are very good option because this metal can avoid rusting for a long time and it provides very modern look. The cleaning of aluminum is also very easy as compared to wood or any other material.

Roller Blinds

Roller blind is one of the best blind designs because it is easy to use and it provides complete solidarity by covering all linings. So you can use roller style water proof aluminum blinds or roller blind of light fabric for your bathroom.

Modern Blinds in Singapore

There are lots of blind dealers in Singapore who are selling all types of modern blinds for offices and home. Some of these blind dealers in Singapore are also exporting international quality of blinds to various countries.

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