How to Hang Curtains and Blinds Together

Curtain and blinds are two options to restrict the sunlight and heat to enter the room. Some people choose blinds because of their easy installation and low maintenance.  But when it comes to beauty and attraction then nothing can match the curtain. You can hang curtain of various colors in dozens of different ways. But the problem is that when you remove curtains for washing your window exposed unless you have extra curtains.

The best solution to this problem is to hang curtains and blinds together. Blinds will keep the light and heat away even when you remove curtains and the curtain will provide your room with elegant looks.

Steps to Hang Curtains over Blends

Hanging curtains and blinds together is little tricky but not very difficult. If you follow these steps you can install curtains over blinds comfortably.

  • First of all you have to install blinds then buy curtain rod holders with extra length. Holders with extra length are very important otherwise your curtain will touch the blinds and look extremely bad. You can easily find them at any hardware store.
  • Make marks on the wall where you want to install holders. Usually there are two to three holes in each holder so you have to drill four to six holes at precise spots.
  • After installing holder, put rings on the rod and insert the rod on the holders. Adjust the rod carefully and check gently that everything is fit at its place.
  • Now the whole setup is ready for curtain. You can hang any kind of curtain on this rod with the help of rings on it.

Curtain and Blinds in Singapore

Singapore is a developed state and the life standard of their citizens is very high that is why they have huge market for fashion, food, home appliances and interior decoration. There are large numbers of curtain and blinds wholesalers in Singapore. Some of these curtain and blinds wholesalers also export high quality stuff to other countries.

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